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Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Uses Precast Concrete

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Precast concrete box culverts and other drainage structures are being supplied to the City of Calgary’s Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) by Inland Pipe as part of the plant’s expansion project. The expansion will involve multiple construction phases over 10 years and will cost taxpayers a total of $800 million. Bonnybrook WWTP currently services the entire northern half of Calgary and has the capacity to treat wastewater for a population of 946,000. When the expansion is completed, its treatment capacity will have increased to accommodate a population of 1,370,000,
which is estimated to support the city’s rapidly growing population until the mid-2030s. The City of Calgary is also improving the energy efficiency of the facility by capturing biogas from the treated wastewater to generate electricity. During certain times of the year, the plant can operate entirely off of its own biogas, significantly decreasing operation costs.

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The Calgary flood of 2013 caused $13.5 million in damages to the Bonnybrook WWTP, which is why the expansion also includes flood protection upgrades. A new berm is being constructed along the riverbank of the plant to prevent overland flooding. The flood also proved that surging water was capable of flowing back into the plant through Bonnybrook’s two outfall channels. To prevent this from reoccurring, precast concrete box culverts are being installed one kilometer downstream from the plant. Additionally, unlike the present outfall channels which are situated on the riverbank, the new ones will be located on the bed of the river, helping to improve flood resiliency and the diffusion of the effluent in the Bow River.

Graham Construction is the general contractor for this project, while KLS Earthworks and Whissell Contracting are responsible for installation of the box culverts and the pipe diffusers, respectively.

By: Tyson Dyck, P. Eng. Technical Marketing Engineer, Inland Pipe



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