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Reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) is an engineered product designed to act as a structural element. Reinforced concrete pipe requires minimal support from the surrounding soil envelop and has a proven track record in terms of durability with a typical service life of 100 years or more. Reinforced concrete pipe is the strongest pipe available for any infrastructure project.

Sustainability and resilience


Reinforced concrete pipe is an inert product that does not leach or react with the surrounding soil. Reinforced concrete pipe is fire resistant. Due to its reduced dependence on the soil envelope, reinforced concrete pipe is more resilient with respect to major storm events.


Reinforced concrete pipe also offers a wide variety of options to address the numerous infrastructures challenges:

Standard sanitary and storm reinforced concrete pipe that can be designed for any loading requirements.

Low pressure concrete pipe provides joint performance to pressure of 55 psi/379kPa.

Microtunneling pipe can be produced up to 3m in diameter. This product is installed with little disruption and minimal impact to traffic. This reinforced concrete pipe requires very little excavation which in turn reduces the amount excess soils generated from construction sites.

Lined concrete pipe is also available to provide an additional protection for concrete pipe when conveying harsh chemicals.


Reinforced concrete pipe is produced in a controlled environment that allows for a very tightly controlled process for manufacturing and quality assurance.

For stakeholders that expect current and future infrastructure to continue to perform and provide long service life, the choice is clear the choice is reinforced concrete pipe.

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