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Our Story

CCPPA was established in November 2013 to represent concrete pipe producers and manufacturers of precast concrete products used for a wide range of sewer and drainage infrastructure applications, and suppliers to the precast concrete industry. The not-for-profit association was established to protect and advance the interests of the concrete pipe and precast concrete products industry in Canada.

The key activities of the CCPPA are:

Specifications and Standards development and consultation with regulators, specifiers and designers, education of professionals involved in specifying materials and products of gravity pipe and transportation systems, government relations, promotion of the application of precast concrete products and systems, and research to advance the knowledge of materials used for constructing precast concrete pipe systems and culverts.

CCPPA is staffed with professional engineers who form the backbone of our organization’s expertise. These engineers have deep insight into the gravity pipe and precast industry, boasting extensive experience with numerous concrete pipe producers across Canada. They honed their professional history by learning the ins and outs of geotechnical design and concrete structures before bringing their knowledge to work for the CCPPA.

This expertise extends to all aspects of concrete pipe and precast drainage products, from initial design to manufacture to installation. Their quality control processes are second-to-none and include experience with flexible plastic and traditional steel pipes.


Lunch & Learn

Plant Tour

First and foremost, the CCPPA is an organization focused on knowledge and education. As such, we stay actively involved with other entities, such as the Ontario Provincial Standards, the Canadian Standards Association, American Society for Testing and Materials and several of Canada’s biggest universities.

Any sales presentations made are the responsibility of our producer and supplier members. These members are eager to share their technical insights with the public and can provide presentations for crowds of all sizes. Just pick the topic, contact the CCPPA, and presenters will bring lunch, presentation handouts, and any other relevant technical resources.

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