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Concrete Thinkers Make Things Happen

Applications for precast concrete products are limited only by the imagination...

Animal Crossing Underpass

Animal crossing underpasses support safe integration of concrete structures into wildlife habitats while reducing animal-related vehicle collisions.

Aquatic Habitat

Precast culverts are effective ways to manage crossings of waterways and drainage systems.They’re also supportive of aquatic wildlife by providing safe migratory channels under roadways.

Conveyor Culvert

Precast conveyor culverts are versatile products ideal for nearly any civil engineering project, including drainage management, water retention, utility conduits, service tunnels, holding tanks, and more.

Deep Bury Storm Sewer

Precast concrete pipes are the ideal choice for deeply-buried stormwater lines, offering a reliable channel for excess water drainage and runoff.

Drop structure

Drop Structure

Precast drop structures are a cost-effective way to improve water flow, stabilize waterways, and transfer excess water runoff to lower elevations in a controlled manner.

Geothermal Structures

Affordable geothermal structures are flexible, resilient, and resistant to wear. With precast concrete pipes, engineers can integrate geothermal structures with existing infrastructure and reduce installation costs.

Energy Dissipation

Precast connections reduce construction costs of beam columns and effectively transfer and dissipate energy for reliable bridge construction.


Mine Escape Tunnel

Reliability is a must in long-term tunnel construction.Concrete pipe and precast concrete panels form the basis of reinforced structures that offer safe and secure routing of personnel in commercial mining operations.

Playground Amenities

Alternative use of precast concrete in landscape and recreational designs for public areas.

Marketing/ Promotion

Using the physical and structural capabilities of concrete pipe in promotiional opportunities.

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