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Environmental Product Declaration for Concrete Pipe, Box Structures & Manholes/Catch Basins as Manufactured by Members of the CCPPA

Committed to contributing to sustainability and environmental transparency in construction, CCPPA and its members published an EPD, or “nutrition label” for a product that transparently reveals potential environmental impacts. It is a Canadian industry-average business-to-business Type III environmental product declaration.

The CCPPA EPD covers 3 product categories:

  • Concrete Pipe;
  • Concrete Box Structures;
  • Manholes/Catch Basins. It takes a “cradle-to-gate” approach, covering the potential environmental impacts for 4 parts of the standardized life cycle process:
    • A1: Raw Material Supply;
    • A2: Transport;
    • A3: Manufacturing;
    • A4: Transport.

The declaration was prepared in accordance with ISO 14025 and ISO 21930, and the ASTM product category rules (PCR) and EPD program operator rules. The intent is to further the development of environmentally compatible and more sustainable construction products by providing comprehensive environmental information related to potential impacts of Canadian concrete pipe and related products available in Canada, in accordance with international standards.

CCPPA's EPD supports documentation for transparency required for sustainable construction certification programs, such as LEEDv4, Envision, and potentially other green purchasing programs currently under development.

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