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Precast Concrete Circular Maintenance Hole Designs for Aircraft Loading

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The CCPPA has completed an update of its design standards for precast concrete maintenance hole (MH) structures rated for aircraft loading. These structures have been designed to accommodate some of the largest aircraft touching down on Canadian international, provincial and regional airports.

Back in 2000, the concrete pipe industry created an option for precast concrete structures to replace the typical cast-in-place construction (at the time) of these types of structures used at airport fields. In knowing that cast-in-place concrete structures have their own application, it was time to give consideration to precast. Precast concrete products offer a solution for construction that is: a high quality product produced at a certified plant; a durable and engineered product; a standard geometry and structural design that is efficient; and lastly, an expedient means of construction in the field. Since 2000, current-day aircraft wheel loads from commercial and cargo aircraft have increased, prompting CCPPA to review and update designs for the precast components.

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Airport developments are no different than other site developments, in which surface flow from rain events require collection and an outlet. These aircraft rated MH structures by CCPPA serve the purpose to connect the network of buried infrastructure that surround apron areas, taxiway areas and other areas on a runway and/or adjacent to runways. The structures are circular which differ from the conventional square or rectangular cast-in-place structures.

The aircraft rated MHs are produced from the same standard formwork utilized by the precast industry to manufacture the similar precast components that build the buried infrastructure of our municipal sewer systems. This presents a precast option that is already familiar to sewer contractors involved in this sector of the industry. Structures are comprised of the typical MH components (base slab, riser(s) and flat cap) that are modified by the structural requirements dictated by the aircraft loading.

The typical standard diameters of MH structure (1200, 1500, 1800, 2400, and 3000mm) are also available, and can be supplied with preformed openings to accommodate the junction of the pipe design, along with aircraft rated grate openings in the flat cap for surface catchment.


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