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The Canadian Concrete Pipe & Precast Association (CCPPA)


The Canadian Concrete Pipe & Precast Association delivers leadership on policy and education to ensure appropriate standards and specifications for resilient underground civil infrastructure.


To ensure resilient underground civil infrastructure, the choice for every owner and specifier, is concrete pipe and precast products.

CCPPA was established in November, 2013 to represent concrete pipe producers and manufacturers of precast concrete products used for a wide range of sewer and drainage infrastructure applications, and suppliers to the precast concrete industry. The not-for-profit association was established to protect and advance the interests of the concrete pipe and precast concrete products industry in Canada.

The key activities of the CCPPA are: 

  • Specifications and Standards development and consultation with regulators, specifiers and designers, 
  • Education of professionals involved in specifying materials and products of gravity pipeline and transportation systems,
  • Government relations, 
  • Promotion of the application of precast concrete products and systems, and
  • Research to advance the knowledge of materials used for constructing precast concrete pipeline systems and culverts.

Jude Tremblay, P.Eng. joins CCPPA as Technical Resource Engineer

Gerry Mulhern, P.Eng., President of the Canadian Concrete Pipe and Precast Association announced July 24 that Jude Tremblay, P.Eng. accepted the position of Technical Resources Engineer(TRE) with the Canadian Concrete Pipe & Precast Association, effective June 24.

Jude is based in Kingston, Ontario. This is a new position at CCPPA, in addition to the existing TRE positions.

Jude worked with Lafarge Canada Inc. for twenty six years in the ready mix concrete and aggregates business. His recent position at Lafarge was General Manager for East Central Ontario. Subsequent to Lafarge, Jude worked for Anchor Concrete Products Ltd (Kingston) as Vice President, Sales, Engineering and Logistics for almost four years.

Jude Tremblay -

Prequalification Requirements for Precast Concrete Drainage Products 2016

Owners of infrastructure projects that purchase precast concrete drainage products from prequalified plants, receive products that have been tested for quality through the manufacturing process and inspected upon completion. Concrete drainage products supplied from a prequalified plant comply with the requirements of the latest editions of CSA standards for concrete pipe, CSA A257.1, A257.2, A257.3, A257.4, ASTM C507M, and OPSS 1351. Reinforced concrete box units (including three sided structures) shall comply with the latest edition of the Ontario Provincial Standards Specification (OPSS) 1821 and the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, CAN/CSA S6. Concrete Pressure Pipe complies with AWWA C301 or C302.

This Edition has Two Divisions


 Concrete pipe is the most dependable and robust sewer and culvert product available in Canada.

The Three Edge Bearing (3EB) module of PipePac allows design engineers to model a wide range of installation conditions and bedding types to determine the required structural strength class of concrete pipe.

Access this FREE online design software at

Contact the Canadian Concrete Pipe and Precast Association for a free Lunch & Learn at


Concrete pipe is the most dependable and robust sewer and culvert product available in Canada.

The Three Edge Bearing (3EB) module of PipePac allows design engineers to model a wide range of installation conditions and bedding types to determine the required structural strength class of concrete pipe.

Access this FREE online design software at the Canadian Concrete Pipe and Precast Association for a free Lunch & Learn at

Informational Seminars and Facility Tours


Inland Pipe and Lafarge host tours of their Winnipeg pipe plants
On July 5 and 6, CCPPA organized two plant tours in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Nine attendees from the Ministry of Infrastructure, City of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba and consulting companies toured the Lafarge plant and the Inland Pipe plant.

During the tour, guests observed the production of dry cast products, building of reinforcing cages, and quality control test. They asked questions regarding the production and the quality control of the products, as well as what is needed to check during an inspection.


Lafarge, Saskatoon hosts tour of its Saskatoon plant

On June 28, 22 employees from the City of Saskatoon, Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, University of Saskatchewan, and consulting engineering companies attended the Lafarge plant tour in Saskatoon, organized by the CCPPA.

Due to the large number of attendees, the group was divided into two smaller groups. During the tour, the attendees observed the production of dry cast products, coring, building and welding of cages, many different precast products in the yard, and a quality control test.


Souris Valley Industries (SVI), Weyburn, Saskatchewan hosts tour of their Weyburn Plant

Souris Valley Industries hosted a plant tour organized by the CCPPA on June 27. Twenty-nine attendees from the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, the City of Regina, and local consulting companies commuted from Regina to Weyburn for the tour that was guided by Souris Valley’s General Manager Dustin Bell.

SVI had various products in their yard including a wide range of sizes of concrete pipe, manholes, tanks, and a few specialty products. Attendees witnessed dry casting, the building of the cages on SVI’s new MBK machine, coring, a demonstration of the installation of a Super Seal Gasket and the strength testing of the concrete pipe using the 3-Edge-Bearing Test.


AECOM reps tour the Lafarge Pipe manufacturing facility in Calgary

Eight representatives from AECOM toured the Lafarge Pipe manufacturing facility in Calgary on March 28. During the tour, they learned about the manufacturing and quality control for concrete pipe and precast products. The group learned about pre-benching of manhole bases, and observed the dry-cast manufacturing of various sizes of concrete pipe, pipe cage production with the MBK machine, and a Three Edge Bearing Test of reinforced concrete pipe. Lafarge Pipe representatives Brian Ensign and Ben Bayat led the tour.

Precon Precast Products hosts Lethbridge College Civil Engineering Technology 2nd year class

On March 9, the Lethbridge College Civil Engineering Technology 2nd year class toured Precon’s manufacturing facility, located near Lethbridge, AB. During the tour, students received a close-up look into the design, manufacturing, and quality control aspects of precast products.

The group learned about various aspects of manufacturing precast concrete products including pre-benching of manhole bases, reinforcing cage assembly, and the production of custom products. The visitors witnessed the facility’s new MBK reinforcing cage machine in action, and witnessed a concrete cylinder compressive strength test. A number of Precon representatives guided the group through the facility and explained the daily functions of the company.


CCPPA engineers prepare seminars that are both informative and educational for designers, project managers and inspectors of gravity storm and sanitary sewer projects. Association staff takes the time to meet with groups in regional centres across Canada to present the seminars and discuss the content. 

Seminars are focused on how pipe systems should be assessed from technical, financial and risk perspectives. The presentations include recommendations on how engineers can protect themselves by addressing engineering, installation and quality control issues in gravity pipe specifications. Attendees can earn professional development hours (PDHs)

Learn from industry professionals on how to specify both rigid and flexible underground pipe systems.

At the end of this seminar you will have a better understanding of

  • Assessment of pipe systems
  • Rigid and flexible pipe design
  • Rigid and flexible pipe installation
  • Trenching issues
  • Drainage systems under the Building Code
  • Quality and inspection


  • Design Engineers/Technologists
  • Project Managers
  • Contract Administrators
  • Construction Inspectors
Contact Diane Mauro at CCPPA:  1-800-435-0116, Ext 1

Plant tours are available upon request.

2017 Technical Seminars in British Columbia

CCPPA engineers have completed their series of seminars in British Columbia. They visited Prince George on February 14, Burnaby on February 15, and Kamloops on February 16. Feedback on the quality and content of the seminars suggest that the topics resonated with the audiences and that there is an interest in more educational events.

The 6-hour Burnaby seminar attracted the most attendees followed by Kamloops and Prince George. Most delegates were interested in plant tours and  just as many subscribed to the CCPPA’s Concrete Pipe Journal. Follow up Lunch and Learn sessions were requested by some organizations.

Here’s what many delegates had to say…

I really appreciate the efforts from you and your colleagues for facilitating such an educational seminar.

Thanks, Andrea. The CCPPA seminar was very informative. I will definitely contact you or your colleague should there be questions I encounter.

Thanks Andrea, It was great to meet all of you. I found the workshop very informative. I will definitely be in touch regarding a lunch and learn on PipePac and future design questions.

Hi Andrea, Thanks to all of you for the time and effort spent to put together an excellent Seminar.

I learned more about pipe today than all my time at university. Great primer for me, thank you for sharing your knowledge and offering a resource/point of contact for asking questions.

Good overall. Would prefer a slightly slower pace for some parts of discussion so I can digest what's being discussed.

Everything was well explained. Speakers were very knowledgeable.

Well done. Easy to understand and follow. Good flow, topic to topic. Can't think of any areas that need improvement, sorry!

The speakers are all very good, knowledgeable on the topics, and very well organized.

Very clear, easy to understand. Knew the material that they were presenting.

Very interesting and applicable information to my work.

Fairly experienced speakers with a variety of experience. The personal stories are great and more are encouraged (real-world situations).

All the speakers knew their material very well. Very good presentation skills, kept it interesting.
Irish accent is great.

Liked that the presenters rotated in and out throughout the duration of the presentation. Presenters all very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter.

And the Burnaby photos underline the interest in the seminars.


2017 Technical Seminars in MB and SK


The Canadian Concrete Pipe and Precast Association hosted technical seminars in Winnipeg (January 31), Regina (February 1), and Saskatoon (February 2). The events attracted municipal engineers, design engineers, technologists, project managers, contract administrators, and construction inspectors.

Speakers from the CCPPA shared knowledge about the assessment of pipe systems; rigid and flexible pipe design; rigid and flexible pipe installation; trenching issues; and quality and Inspection. This is what people had to say about the seminars:

"The seminar was well organized and all the presentations were very interesting, informative and useful. I really enjoyed it, thank you!"

"Please convey all my appreciation for yesterday's information session to Gerry and Paul. Drainage and sewage collection is not part of my field of expertise, but I did find the information clear and easy to understand, and the pointers to be very relevant. Indeed the work that the three of you did answered many of the questions I had accumulated through my years of inspecting and contracting. I am definitively looking forward to a tour of the Expocrete facility, which I am sure will be of the calibre of the Souris Valley Industries tour last year."

Canadian Concrete Pipe & Precast Association

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